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    Welcome to (Ph)fil(e)maphobia, my co-mingle of "Philemaphobia" (the fear of kissing) and "filmaphobia" (a word I made up to give you the loose idea of photography.) I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (the themed "Ph" again), currently dabbling in all sorts of creative pursuits to figure out what I like. (Spoiler: it's probably everything.) Still, I hope you enjoy photography, pop culture analysis, passionate odes to fiction, and other momentary musings that probably don't relate. (Sidenote: Author does not actually suffer from philemaphobia.)
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Alisa and Evan Meg Brock Photography


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F.A. Davis


OH HI GUYS. I know I’ve been woefully behind on sharing photos, sharing apartment decor inspiration, sharing wedding deets, sharing ANYTHING, but here is the quick explanation as to why: I SPEND ALL DAY EVERY DAY ON THE INTERNET, PROFESSIONALLY. And when free time finally rolls around, I generally want to stare at the sky … Continue reading

Scattered thoughts on a new routine

And check out that sneaky-peak of our crazy ceilings, am I right? (I just typed “amirite” and then instantly chided myself. “Alisa, this is a blog, not a text message.” Because apparently I’m fancy now. Or grammatical. But that surprises no one.) Well, our move was long and laborious and fun and the NUMBER ONE … Continue reading

Update: 10 Days Until M-Day.

… that’s “Move-in Day,” for those of you that didn’t properly caffeinate today. Last weekend, Evan and I won atĀ furniture shopping. Previously, we found a couch style at Just Cabinets that we could both agree on: a plush, comfortable two-cushion in a mottled brown micro-suede. It was within our price range, but smaller than we … Continue reading

bed against brick wall

Refocus: My life suddenly went all Pinterest & now you get to hear about it.

You guys have probably heard me complain before about how I didn’t understand the appeal of Pinterest. Last August, one of the biggest, most important, and best things ever happened to me: Evan asked me to marry him. I think I was in a state of shock for several months afterwards. Idle thoughts on weddings … Continue reading