I know I’ve been woefully behind on sharing photos, sharing apartment decor inspiration, sharing wedding deets, sharing ANYTHING, but here is the quick explanation as to why: I SPEND ALL DAY EVERY DAY ON THE INTERNET, PROFESSIONALLY. And when free time finally rolls around, I generally want to stare at the sky or write on paper or do absolutely anything but worry about image resolution or loading speed or <td> tags for one more minute. And since I’m always sharing the things I throw my creative energy into, I figure why not share this too?

From April to July, I managed the redesign of my company’s website and e-commerce situation. I worked with the graphic designer, corralled feedback from 6+ marketers with diverging styles and interests, and then corresponded with the developers who made it a reality. I participated in the user acceptance testing of the new site, I wrote copy for various pages, and I wrote company-wide announcements introducing the new look.

At the same time, I was taking a fuzzy working knowledge of HTML and honing some basic web design skills to handle the Spring semester email load. (It was crazy. Like, two-promotional-emails-a-day crazy, which doesn’t sound like a lot until you realize that I was the ONLY person working on them and we send emails to 30+ disciplines within nursing and health professions education.) I also somehow became the “social media girl” even though I was working on a team of people creating social media campaigns. People in the company now call me and ask me to tweet things, which is somewhere between adorable and infuriating but it’s also easier than me teaching them how to sign in to Twitter on their phone at a conference.

All this back story, just to say something very simple: Sorry I haven’t been blogging or posting or sharing. I was working on something extremely challenging and surprisingly rewarding, and now that I’ve found a good rhythm in this crazy digital marketing world, it feels only natural to remind myself that this is a creative pursuit too. And I’m proud of it. So not to toot my own horn (now that post title makes sense, eh?) but here’s my website:

F.A. Davis

This is our homepage. The previous homepage has a rotating ad and multiple tiny boxes advertising our other websites, social media, and new books. So many moving things … I shudder to recall.



Tech Support at F.A. Davis

This is the Tech Support page – I wrote that copy.

If you’re interested in some more browsing, visit and see the beast I am tormented by daily. It’s definitely a work in progress, but I think it’s come a long way since I started this position last December. It’s cousin,, is getting a matching outfit in the next few months. (That site is also a pretty good example of what I was dealing with in the beginning.) I also helped manage that design, but won’t be as intimately involved in its implementation – lucky for me. I implore you, take a moment to appreciate good design the next time you’re on a website that looks REALLY nice. It’s hard work, guys. But the most daunting projects are usually the most rewarding, and I had no idea I could get this excited about a website that’s easy to use.

Let me know what you think.

One Response to “Toot”
  1. Alisa, I ALWAYS look forward to your blogs, and definitely encourage you to get that content up. But I am ultimately happy and proud that the content you’ve been working on looks awesome, and I wish I could give you a big ol’ freakin’ hug.. because a pat on the back just isn’t enough! So, toot your own horn loud and proud! I love your personal blogging, but I also love being reminded that I have an amazingly talented bestie. Keep doing your thang, girl!


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