Update: 10 Days Until M-Day.

… that’s “Move-in Day,” for those of you that didn’t properly caffeinate today.

Last weekend, Evan and I won at furniture shopping. Previously, we found a couch style at Just Cabinets that we could both agree on: a plush, comfortable two-cushion in a mottled brown micro-suede. It was within our price range, but smaller than we had pictured for our space. We agreed to take a trip to the Reading Fecera’s with Evan’s parents to see if we could find something similar but larger, and if nothing turned up, to come back and buy that couch.

Our trip to Fecera’s didn’t yield any contenders, but we passed an Unclaimed Freight store on our way back and decided to stop there based on a recommendation from my fellow city-dweller, Kelly. (Lady, you were so right.) As we surveyed the options, the words “I’m not a fan of loveseats” definitely left my mouth. I was absolutely sure, based on a lifetime of sitting uncomfortably close to friends on stuffy, awkward loveseats, that I had eradicated a entire type of furniture from my homes for the rest of my days. Loveseats were not for me. They were my Prefernotseats.

At Unclaimed Freight we found a big, cozy couch similar to the one we had mutually liked at Just Cabinets.

See? Just begging to be napped on.

See? Just begging to be napped on.

Excuse the crappy phone photo. This couch made me start seeing our living room in my head. Evan seemed equally excited. Here was the kicker: the couch came with a damned loveseat. The two pieces together were less expensive at Unclaimed Freight than the single couch we had liked elsewhere. So instead of investing money in one piece we loved, we could buy a living room.

My new baby couch.

My new baby couch.

I sat in the loveseat above, petting the soft microsuede arm (like you do), and surrendered to a good idea. Now we would have more seating for guests, and a living room where conversations could happen and all seats were not pointed directly at the television.

When my sister and I were growing up, my mom was always crafty about putting the furniture at such awkward angles to the TV that we just gave up and read. (Or we laid down on the floor, but I’ll leave my weird genetic floor-laying tendencies for the inevitable post about area rugs.) Our family rooms were always set up for conversation, reading, and enjoying the view out the window. The more I grow up, the more I appreciate how my parents somehow defied the television-and-Internet age and the Hathaway girls grew up active and bookish. (Not that we don’t have a cultish love for reblogging Supernatural gif sets on Tumblr, but that’s something we – sadly – acquired in adulthood.)

I can’t wait to set up a living room that works for whatever we might want to do that day:

  • entertain friends
  • wage intense board game battles
  • do art projects
  • read Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace this summer – I’m told this is ambitious
  • listen to Evan’s exponentially growing vinyl collection (there will definitely be a post when we set up the listening station)
  • or watch six straight hours of Friday Night Lights or Orange is the New Black (these are extremely likely – I didn’t say I don’t love television)

So guys, we went shopping for a couch and instead found A PLAN.

Another exciting development: my mom is the best, and she made it her personal mission to find us bar-height chairs to go with a high kitchen table we will be putting in the space. (That’s actually what brought us to Just Cabinets in the first place. I swear to you I would be nowhere without this woman.) We didn’t find anything that day, but it forced us to focus on what we did want: comfortable bar stools with backs, in a wood that would fit in with our dark neutrals and warm tones. A few days later she sent me an email, and behold:

Our butts will be so pleased in our new apartment.

Our butts will be so pleased in our new apartment.

Another two chairs added to our space. I hope you guys love sitting, because that will be the main event when you visit us. When we first signed the lease, I was worried about striking out on our own with only bedroom furniture to our names. How wrong I turned out to be.

Shopping is fun and all, but I’m ready to put in the work to set up these fantasy rooms I have in my head. I’ll leave you with a photo that literally haunts me while I’m at work. The current state of our room:

Packing hell.

Packing hell.


One Response to “Update: 10 Days Until M-Day.”
  1. I can’t wait until you guys move in! Then I can put my butt on everything!


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