Blog Vomit

Here are some of my past WordPress blogs on a variety of subjects.

Marked Melody
This blog began as my Honors Project in Spring 2009, focused on music reviews and music events in the Philadelphia area. I branched out to pop culture news and anything I found noteworthy.

Digital Media & Society
This blog was designed as a response to a course offered through Bond University in Gold Coast, Australia. I took the course in Spring 2010 during my second semester abroad. There are only a few posts, but they are formally drafted essays on issues in technology and communications.

The Android’s Conundrum: Travel Blog
This is the blog that I kept to document my semester living on the Gold Coast, just outside of Brisbane in Australia. Photos and descriptions of trips to the Great Barrier Reef, Byron Bay, and Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney. Casual tone and layout.

Notes on Short Film
An academic blog for a short film class with the communications department at Arcadia University, taken in the Spring semester of 2011. Includes critical analysis of short films from the early days of silent film (Chaplin, Keaton) to 2011 Academy Award Nominees in the short film categories. A little bit of everything for the arty film geek.


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