Blue Christmas.

Even the camera is blue. So Joseph and the AMAZING Technicolor Dreamcoat (got that wrong yesterday) was super cute, and those drama kids at DeSales did a great job.  Today I’ll be preparing for my dad’s 50th birthday party on Saturday (come help me eat the roast beast!) whilst I freeze my ass off in this twirlyfabulous … Continue reading

No Pants Dance.

I hope that centuries from now when the Internet is the only surviving artifact of our primitive culture, somebody sees this picture and thinks it must’ve been entirely normal for me to stand on my toilet in the bathroom in order to get a picture of myself. The best part is that there are TWO full … Continue reading

Wet and warm.

So today was all of these things: unseasonably warm, wet and dreary, a day for soup, and a day for no shoes. My babygirl Jbooty is more than excited to be taking pictures of me everyday, to prove I’m living up to my own expectations. Really, she signed up for this when she decided to … Continue reading

Challenge accepted.

Okay, so I sometimes have commitment issues. My one-a-day photo challenge, for instance. I still thoroughly believe challenging myself to post one photograph a day is a good move, life-wise. But considering my Instagram addiction and my pathological need to post good photographs are currently at odds with each other, I needed to redirect that energy … Continue reading