Hey, thanks.

I think my Instagram obsession may involve the square images and vignetting; it reminds me of working with medium-format film. If I had a darkroom available, I’d ditch the iPhone for a Mamiya or even a Seagull in a hot second. Word? Thanksgiving yesterday was fabulous, causing me to be a bad little blogger. But here … Continue reading

Lovely, literary.

Fun fact: I’ve been keeping a log of every single book I’ve ever read since my freshman year in high school. I don’t know what made me start it, but its equal parts encouraging and disheartening to look back eight friggin’ years later and see how my reading habits have grown and changed. For each entry … Continue reading

Seriously, Amazon.com loves me.

An update! My Christmas shopping is basically done. Black Friday, I beat you. And for a girl without a regular income, I kinda kicked ass. I should really think about being a professional shopper. I also applied for yet ANOTHER job today that might quiet my new favorite obsession – thrifting and recyclable shopping. So … Continue reading


I forgot to post this one yesterday – whoops! Though I can promise you, I did take it as the sun went down last night and ooohed and aaahed to myself over the pretty motion blurs. Happy weekend!

In reality, that wall is pink.

The minute I took this picture I fell in love with it, not just because my family keeps bizarre crap around the house (like cacti and hanging wax ornaments and honestly, I’m not sure what’s in that picture frame but it might be my parents’ wedding invitation) but because once I Instagram-filtered it and the wall … Continue reading