Finding a niche.

So, here’s the deal. Have you heard the term “lifestyle blog”? It is a blog for people exactly like me – people who can start everything and finish nothing, who have passionate interests but very little attention span, people who want to make the world a more creative, beautiful place but can’t for the life … Continue reading

Velvet ropes & terrible tropes.

Today was both pretty awesome and SUPER traumatic. I think this is my favorite picture, but I had to Picnik the stupid thing to get that dastardly blue line out that keeps showing up. SUPER unprofesh. But hey, I won’t tell if you won’t. (FYI, I think my camera is broken.) Also, to be clear, I didn’t … Continue reading


Over the past few years, it’s been hard to gauge the reactions of the other people around me when I go out to shoot. Up until now, it was never for anything official, and whether I was on the side of the road stalking a meth trailer or holding my camera at chest level as … Continue reading

A romp through the Glass Forest.

On Sunday I got the unique opportunity to explore a space that a local, accomplished artist created exceptionally close to home. Alan Goldstein, a painter working in rural Pennsylvania, has created an installation he has tentatively titled The Glass Forest, and he allowed myself and and two student dancers to come experience the art. I … Continue reading