F.A. Davis

OH HI GUYS. I know I’ve been woefully behind on sharing photos, sharing apartment decor inspiration, sharing wedding deets, sharing ANYTHING, but here is the quick explanation as to why: I SPEND ALL DAY EVERY DAY ON THE INTERNET, PROFESSIONALLY. And when free time finally rolls around, I generally want to stare at the sky … Continue reading

Dark city/Sunny days

How about some photos? These are from last summer, exploring the neighborhood when I first moved in. Considering my one year anniversary at my job/one year anniversary in the city is next week, it seems like an appropriate time to look back and see how the neighborhood has changed. I think part of what I … Continue reading

Outtake: Local Color

You may remember my senior thesis project where I attempted to capture what made my hometown unique by compiling a book of digital color photographs. Unlike many of my peers (she recalls not-so-self-righteously) I shot for this project continuously from August 2010 until about March 2011, to prepare the book, make prints, and follow my … Continue reading

PPAC’s Philly Photo Day

  So here’s my submission for the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center’s Philly Photo Day (last Friday). Not my favorite picture ever by far, but it’s the view of Girard Ave. from the El station above the street, run through Photoshop for just an eensy bit of color saturation. My choices were between this one, a view … Continue reading

Finding a niche.

So, here’s the deal. Have you heard the term “lifestyle blog”? It is a blog for people exactly like me – people who can start everything and finish nothing, who have passionate interests but very little attention span, people who want to make the world a more creative, beautiful place but can’t for the life … Continue reading