Scattered thoughts on a new routine

4 thoughts on “Scattered thoughts on a new routine”

  1. “my former-picture-framer hands remembered the sweet feeling of making solid objects stick together with a power drill.”

    ME. SAME. EVERY DAY. My god I don’t miss the customers, but i do miss doing that job.

    Also I support the string light thing wholeheartedly. And the gallery wall. because fuck it.


  2. the coaster debate made me LOL so hard! you’ll never have everything you need or be done decorating, but it’s okay because things will get more comfortable anyway. can’t wait to visit!


  3. So it’s serial killer-esque to want to want to have the coasters positioned in A WAY THAT PEOPLE CAN PUT DRINKS ON THEM?


  4. I am so happy the move went well. And take your time with your decorating and enjoy it! You will make the space your own and keep stacking those coasters! What fun is it to agree all the time (or seem like a serial killer…) I am looking forward to seeing thr place some time, your wedding planning adventure, and hoping you get your artsy butt to share all your artsy things via the interwebs in between 5Ks! Also, I will be placing the coasters in random spots when I visit just to be a pain. Now, take it easy, enjoy your new space, and totally get string lights. Love you!


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