Wine-induced reflections on Thor and being an anti-artist.

So I’m blogging from the iPad for the very first time using a sweet little keyboard I picked up on Amazon; it’s a pretty cute set-up but I’m also dealing with a much smaller finger reach, so pardon any typos. (A girl can only proofread so well whilst watching Thor and drinking Pinot Noir.) Here … Continue reading

Whole30 – Week 1

I made a deal with myself for the month of March. The deal came from reading a book – It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. (This is a big step for me guys – this girl generally don’t do nonfiction.) I first heard about the book and the 30 day experiment from the … Continue reading

Girly parts.

Guys, I’ve decided it’s probably time for me to fulfill my destiny. I’ve also recently decided that my destiny should probably include working from home on a laptop in my pajamas all day. You know who seem to be able to make a living at that? Bloggers. And while I definitely don’t consider myself a … Continue reading

Promises, promises.

Guys, one day I’m going to be REALLY good at updating regularly. At some point in my career, I will edit my photos and post good ones within two or three days of the event I attended, and not nearly two weeks later. One day I’m going to get paid to do all this, and … Continue reading