If you’re thinkin’ about my baby

Oh, black and whites. You so spooky and retro. An older picture above, and a more recent pier shot in Atlantic City from the 4th of July. A lovely Impossible Project vintage camera dealer at Brooklyn Flea let me take a picture with his Polaroid Big Shot over the weekend. It has a fixed focus … Continue reading

It’s a faster, growing green

More photos of exploring the neighborhood. If you’re familiar, it’s safe to say these images were taken around Front, Thompson, Master, Mascher, Hancock, or maybe Jefferson. If not, you need to frequent NoLibs more. We have a bar with arcade games. It’s a Barcade. The quintessential Philly fire hydrant burst on a back alley off … Continue reading

All the progress.

  Oh hai. Just a quicky-quick post here because someone lovingly yelled at me to update the blog. She was right. (Lookin’ at you, O-liv.) Above is proof that I’ve been, ya know, DOING stuff lately. And the coming weeks are no different: WICKED tomorrow night at the Academy of Music, kids! Evan is being … Continue reading

Dark city/Sunny days

How about some photos? These are from last summer, exploring the neighborhood when I first moved in. Considering my one year anniversary at my job/one year anniversary in the city is next week, it seems like an appropriate time to look back and see how the neighborhood has changed. I think part of what I … Continue reading

The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell.

Evenin’, ladies and gents. I am, literally, the worst blogger that has ever existed. EVER. How hard is it to post a blog once a week? I have plenty of things to say. I take plenty of pictures. I absorb enough pop culture and trivial bullshit to have plenty of material. Apparently, once a week … Continue reading