All the progress.

  Oh hai. Just a quicky-quick post here because someone lovingly yelled at me to update the blog. She was right. (Lookin’ at you, O-liv.) Above is proof that I’ve been, ya know, DOING stuff lately. And the coming weeks are no different: WICKED tomorrow night at the Academy of Music, kids! Evan is being … Continue reading

The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell.

Evenin’, ladies and gents. I am, literally, the worst blogger that has ever existed. EVER. How hard is it to post a blog once a week? I have plenty of things to say. I take plenty of pictures. I absorb enough pop culture and trivial bullshit to have plenty of material. Apparently, once a week … Continue reading


Dear WordPress, I’m cheating on you with Tumblr. ( ) This drawing is based on a much more beautiful work I ran across online. They used watercolor, I used water-based brush markers. I claim nothing past being inspired by the lovely painting they shared on the interwebs. Also, my disclaimer is in the title … Continue reading