5 year blogoversary

I started my very first WordPress blog, Marked Melody, on March 6th, 2009.

It was an Honors project for Arcadia University that could be about absolutely anything I wanted as long as it was an independent project that I engaged in for a whole semester, and I presented my material before a panel of my peers for a final grade.

It was basically the equivalent of drawing your feelings in a kindergarten class, but I’ve been toying with the blogging bug in my free time ever since, academically and otherwise.

I’ve attempted posterity during traveling adventures with obscure Shins references, I’ve published painfully verbose essays for the Internet community that improved my GPA, and I threw myself wholeheartedly into the niche universe of short film – and I’m even proud of some of that content.

Most importantly, I’ve recorded labors of life and art since November 4, 2010 here at (Ph)fil(e)maphobia and it’s beyond amazing how taking pictures has guided me through the last few years. From a documentary thesis project, to attempts at a creative outlet during a year where I felt extremely lost, to a beautifully coincidental internship that I will never regret, and finally to exploring a new neighborhood in a new life I felt empowered to call mine, this little blog has really reflected my progress in the past few years.

I haven’t updated in a few months because my blogging efforts have been directed toward a collaborative project, once again based on film. Drunk at the Movies, while still in its beginning stages, is a place for writerly and film-critic-minded contributors to have a conversation about movies both current and classic. This has been a whole new challenge for me, but I love the opportunity to work with friends and learn from their strengths. One fellow Arcadia grad and friend, in particular, has taken that blog beyond what I imagined with his steadfast coordination and excellent film analysis. One of the hardest parts about blogging is scheduling time to get it done after a full-time job and that equally important beast we call “social life.” Luckily I have plenty of good blogger friends that have set an example I can learn from.

(As an aside, if you’re interested in telling the world how you feel about movies every once in a while, send me a note at drunkatthemovies1[at]gmail[dot]com. We love new friends and fresh content.)

The thing I’m learning more and more is that things are always in flux and there’s never a good time to start something, so you might as well start new things all the time. I just started a new (more intense and rewarding) position at the publishing company I work for, my love and I are slowly starting to focus and plan our impending nuptials (keep Fall 2015 in the back of your minds), and my weekends seem to be booked up with amazing friends and family before I even know what’s happening. It’s all good, and it’s all essential, and I want to blog about all of it.

Obviously, I can’t promise consistency. What I will promise is passion. It’s been 5 years and I assure you, I am nowhere near ready to throw in the towel. Every once in a while I need to recommit myself to writing and taking pictures and remembering to reflect, and you can take this as a re-commitment if you like, or a commemoration of the most exciting 5 years of my life, or simply an update about what’s going on now.

I haven’t picked up a camera more legit than my iPhone in a few months, and that’s about to change. I’ll be ignoring the continuously snowy weather and operating as if spring has sprung, at least in my creative heart. We’re headed to sunshiney Florida this week, where I get to be a kid for a few days. I’m honored be a part of some amazing steps in a few friends’ lives this spring – weddings and baby showers alike – and sometime soon I’ll finally hit that mid-20s landmark: I’ll be 25. Well, the first half of the decade has been fabulous, so here’s to a continuing trend.

Thanks, blog, for helping me reflect. Thanks, friends, for inspiring me to try.

Until next time. xo

One Response to “5 year blogoversary”
  1. This made me really happy, and it also made me realize how fast time is passing. I was pleasantly surprised to see you had updated. I am so happy your journey through life is going well and that you never deny your creative talents and spirit to flourish. I’m always excited to see what you’ll do (or post) next! Love you dearly and always.


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