Wine-induced reflections on Thor and being an anti-artist.

So I’m blogging from the iPad for the very first time using a sweet little keyboard I picked up on Amazon; it’s a pretty cute set-up but I’m also dealing with a much smaller finger reach, so pardon any typos. (A girl can only proofread so well whilst watching Thor and drinking Pinot Noir.) Here are a bunch of pictures!







Guys, in case isn’t obvious, I love love love shooting in color film on a shitty plastic camera where I can’t really foresee what the shot will look like, exactly. Maybe that means I love not having control, which really goes against the tenets of being a photographer, but that’s cool with me. It makes me feel like taking photos is a little bit magical, and it keeps me humble because I don’t feel like the master of the frame. That and I take pictures of buildings and murals and a neighborhood in a weird flux between decline and growth, so I feel very little ownership over what you’re seeing to begin with. I did crop a bit, but other than that I did no editing. So just call me the anti-photographer. I just want you to see the world I see and love it the way I do.

I ran through the prettiest parts of the Schuykill River Trail with Kelly today – as in, past the Art Museum and Boathouse Row, etc. – and I’m feeling quite accomplished. Even though Kelly had to bargain with me to get me to run more than my body wanted to. And I didn’t even Instagram any of my run, so we must have been focused. I rewarded myself with two bottles of wine on the way home. (Again, TOTALLY not my fault the liquor store was doing a tasting.) Also very much not my fault that it’s my second wine tasting this week, as there was a Farmer’s Market in Rittenhouse Square over the weekend that Jennypoo and I wandered through.

Since the hellacious heat and humidity (I dabble in alliteration) has broken a bit, I’m trying to soak up as much Philly summer charm as I can, and there’s plenty to be had. Can’t wait to see some good friends in Qville over the weekend and generally looking forward to another month and a half of summer nights to enjoy.

So there you go. Some photos, some life deets, and the ever-present multitasking while blogging, in which Andrew and I discuss men’s fashion, superhero movies, Google Chromecast, and my wine consumption and it takes me like an hour to blog a few paragraphs.

Happy summertimes, kids!



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