All the progress.


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Oh hai. Just a quicky-quick post here because someone lovingly yelled at me to update the blog. She was right. (Lookin’ at you, O-liv.) Above is proof that I’ve been, ya know, DOING stuff lately. And the coming weeks are no different: WICKED tomorrow night at the Academy of Music, kids! Evan is being so good about going with me, even though he’s braced to hate it, but it’ll also be fun to get all double-date-y with Kelly and Mark. I, for one, cannot WAIT for tomorrow night. There’s something about this show that takes me right back to freshman year of college (I sound like I’m such an old fart) when it felt like everything was just starting to happen. I was exploring one of my favorite cities in the world (London) and got to see this show with my study abroad group. I loved it so much I of course took my family to see it when they came to visit. I know to many of you it may be deeply silly that I’m seeing it again in Philly but there’s something so sweetly nostalgic about it for me. Probably the same reason I end up watching the same movies over and over again. (My roommates may slit my throat if Snow White and the Huntsman or Liberal Arts shows up on our TV again.)

And next week we are definitely going to see the Barenaked Ladies and Ben Folds Five. That is totally happening. I might as well strap on some jellies and frost Evan’s tips.

As far as artsy-fartsy blog things, I’ve been shooting some summer adventures! The plan is to develop, get some prints made (I haven’t decided if I’m doing to do them with PHOTOLounge or PPAC – I get discounts at both but does anyone have any suggestions for where I could do them myself? So much more satisfying) and then imma frame and hang them in the house. Because after over a year our walls are still woefully bare, and I thought it might be fun to do some sprucing up projects and then document them for you guys.

The boyf and I need to come up with a good/functional/pretty storage solution for his expanding record collection (not to mention my bookshelf is bursting) and also there literally isn’t enough SURFACE in our room for me to function. We need some table/desk action up in here. The urge to decorate probably stems from all the continued flea market attendance, where I walk around and go, “I don’t need that art, I can make my own and use it to decorate,” and then also “I definitely need that table. It’s like $5946854 – I need some other table.” So there’s that. Expect a little DIY action because Evan and I are both committed to gettin’ creative in the coming weeks. And I will post more images soon.

Thanks for caring, kids.

3 Responses to “All the progress.”
  1. Kaylena says:

    “The boyf”- I love you, Alisa.


  2. kellytee says:

    WICKED TOMORROW! Yay for the double date-y(?)


  3. So, one day we are going to see Wicked together, and you will have another excuse to see it AGAIN. I feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t seen it. And you best take pictures of your DIY crafts and good luck developing the adventurous pictures you already have. Granny B used to just drop her film off at Sam’s Club, so that is the only advice I have on film development. =) Thanks for updating. I love you! ❤


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