The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell.

Disappear into the sky.

Disappear into the sky.

Evenin’, ladies and gents.

I am, literally, the worst blogger that has ever existed. EVER. How hard is it to post a blog once a week? I have plenty of things to say. I take plenty of pictures. I absorb enough pop culture and trivial bullshit to have plenty of material. Apparently, once a week is still just out of my grasp.

I promise you, and I have promised myself, to record the bouts of self-reflection I am prone to. However, now would be a terrible time to start. I’m two whisky-gingers in, watching Scream 4 for no real reason, and I just heard that my photos didn’t make it in to PPAC’s exhibit. Le sigh.

Let’s call this the post of things I struggle with daily, accompanied by pictures of things that I see on the daily. The Comcast Center, reflecting the mood of the city back at us like an enchanted mirror? (Philly is certainly not the fairest of them all.) It’s a mere two blocks from my office, I see it every day, and though on certain days I’m feeling too cranky to appreciate it’s splendor, I do recognize that it’s an icon around which my life revolves. I walk past it daily, I can see it from my balcony at home and vaguely think, “Oh yeah, I work over there. In the city.”

Dooo it.

Dooo it.

These are more medium-format film images, obvs. There’s a pretty clear distinction here between the neighborhood I work in (Center City, the Art Museum district, you could creatively call it Midtown) and the neighborhood I live in (Northern Liberties, Olde Kensington, a skip away from Fishtown, basically hippie/hipster central). Start riots, indeed.

I’m looking forward to an eventful summer. More imminently, I’m looking forward to a break from work to visit Milwaukee and my grandmother and watch a cousin get married. I’m looking forward to relaxing time with my family. And wedding festivities, for sure.

This summer, I want to wander more, experience more, create more, and appreciate everything just a little bit more. Lofty goals, huh?

Oh, and the post title? Definitely from that Imagine Dragons song no one can escape anymore. And it’s stuck in my head. I am SO deep, guys.

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