Oh, hello.

3 thoughts on “Oh, hello.”

  1. I’m no artist and know VERY little about photography, but I am absolutely drawn to and love “Quieter Than Usual.” It makes me feel so many different things. It feels like I’m underwater – dangerous, yet calming. Kind of like the song “Never Let Me Go” by Florence & The Machine. And am I supposed to open the door? Can I? How much time do I have to decide? With the rush of all the questions, the breathing, and the panic, I notice there is a tiny little rainbow in the upper right corner. Then I am suddenly standing on a solid shoreline beneath the leaves wondering if I’m supposed to jump back into the water… staring at a choice I forgot to make.

    Hm, okay.. It’s late, and I have off tomorrow/today (Monday) and have been working since Thursday, which means I had a stressful weekend and your pictures are making me feel things. I figured I’d just let my fingers type whatever I felt. I know it may not have been what you were looking for, but it’s something, right?

    Keep posting, because you know I’m always reading, watching, and feeling… apparently. I already know I’m your favorite stalker, so the previous sentence is totally acceptable and sincere. Love you. ❤


    1. Thank you, O-liv! Your reaction to that picture is beautiful, and more than I could’ve hoped for. Cross your fingers the exhibit jurors feel the same way. Hope you’re having a restful Monday, my favorite stalker. 🙂 Love youuuu.


  2. Ahh, its been too long since I’ve visited your blog! So i love the picture. The first one of Jenn is awesome, of course, and i agree with Oliv that Quieter Than Usual is wonderful. I don’t have anything artsy to say though. I’m a little arted out right now. oh and the ones in earlier post, the qmart ones are my fav. Just keep snappin’ away, lady. OH! SO SO JEALOUS OF YOUR JAY-Z/JT TIX! love you.


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