Oh, hello.

Look Back at 16.

Look Back at 16.

Well, would you look at that. It’s springtime, I’m 24, and things are lovely. I have now officially experienced half of the ages there are to experience in your 20s. (As in 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24. It’s cute, I know.) These photos are more 120 color shots from my secret cache of film, and a particularly special set. All four of these pictures were shot on Lake Michigan, during my last road trip to visit my dad’s side of the family. (Nearly two years ago – but it took a very thorough study of a 16 year old Jbooty to realize that.) As far as double exposures go, these were a pretty nice surprise.

If we want to get REAL cute up in here, I could mention that I will be returning to this spot for a cousin’s wedding in a month, so how appropriate that I just developed the film.

Now, for the sake of blogging and betterness, I could mention that I submitted these for PPAC’s Annual Photo Competition and Exhibit – as in, to be juried. Yeesh. And while I don’t consider them up to snuff when I think about what they’ll be judged against, I did like the color story in these four images, how the photographs reflect the same tone, and how much quieter these are than photos I normally take. And while that is not an aspect of these pictures that will be important to the judges, it was meaningful for me. But now since you know I’m thinking about these critically, you should also know that I would LOVE some constructive criticism from you. So go ahead and be mean to me in the comments; I’m kind of into it.

Quieter Than Usual.

Quieter Than Usual.



Home, Twice.

Home, Twice.

You like? You surprised these came from the camera of little ‘ol me?

Other things that have happened lately (since it takes me an entire month to post stuff, whoopsies):

  • Evan took me to the zoo for my birthday and it was adorable; additionally…
  • I recently watched Josh Radnor’s movie that he wrote/directed/starred in, Liberal Arts. It was great. Thoughtful and sweet without being morose, which is generally how I like my movies. (In the style of Little Miss SunshineSilver Linings Playbook, and others.) It’s all about the different stages of life, and accepting your age and yourself the way you are. It pokes fun at kids that want to grow up too soon and aging adults that can’t accept the graceful parts of growing old. I may just try to review in depth later this week … as a reward to myself for FINALLY getting through Copyright Registration. (The worst part of my job.) Also, Elizabeth Olsen is obviously the superior Olsen.
  • Over the weekend, we got to have dinner with Kay-kay-bean and Tim while they were in the city for a conference, we took them to pretty, pretty Parc in Rittenhouse Square, and bonus, we FINALLY got to try the Parc burger! (Decent, but no Kraftwork.)

& that’s all she wrote, folks.

3 Responses to “Oh, hello.”
  1. Olivia says:

    I’m no artist and know VERY little about photography, but I am absolutely drawn to and love “Quieter Than Usual.” It makes me feel so many different things. It feels like I’m underwater – dangerous, yet calming. Kind of like the song “Never Let Me Go” by Florence & The Machine. And am I supposed to open the door? Can I? How much time do I have to decide? With the rush of all the questions, the breathing, and the panic, I notice there is a tiny little rainbow in the upper right corner. Then I am suddenly standing on a solid shoreline beneath the leaves wondering if I’m supposed to jump back into the water… staring at a choice I forgot to make.

    Hm, okay.. It’s late, and I have off tomorrow/today (Monday) and have been working since Thursday, which means I had a stressful weekend and your pictures are making me feel things. I figured I’d just let my fingers type whatever I felt. I know it may not have been what you were looking for, but it’s something, right?

    Keep posting, because you know I’m always reading, watching, and feeling… apparently. I already know I’m your favorite stalker, so the previous sentence is totally acceptable and sincere. Love you. ❤


    • alisahathaway says:

      Thank you, O-liv! Your reaction to that picture is beautiful, and more than I could’ve hoped for. Cross your fingers the exhibit jurors feel the same way. Hope you’re having a restful Monday, my favorite stalker. 🙂 Love youuuu.


  2. corkieee says:

    Ahh, its been too long since I’ve visited your blog! So i love the picture. The first one of Jenn is awesome, of course, and i agree with Oliv that Quieter Than Usual is wonderful. I don’t have anything artsy to say though. I’m a little arted out right now. oh and the ones in earlier post, the qmart ones are my fav. Just keep snappin’ away, lady. OH! SO SO JEALOUS OF YOUR JAY-Z/JT TIX! love you.


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