Spring Strife

Here’s your second installment of my lost images, particularly poignant as they are also early springtime shots from Quakertown that I took last year. The past two springs, for me, have been a time to re-evaluate and recommit myself to creativity. They have also been transitional periods for me professionally, since I graduated college two springs ago and released myself from an unbearable professional situation last year in order to find something better. Last spring, I was also doing the bulk of my work with Mural Arts.

So while these shots are undeniably springy and bright, for me they represent a period where I was struggling to be creative, to balance doing what I wanted to do for free and what I hated doing for a paycheck. It was a period where I was feeling pretty artistically bankrupt, and stuck. I was caught feeling nostalgic about my hometown and absolutely hating it.


The heart is a plate from a childhood tea set of mine. This is the garden in front of my parents’ house.



The above is some fanciful mix of double exposure and Holga weirdness, I’m sure. It’s definitely a lot more whimsical than my usual street photography, but I’m starting to get comfortable with that.

The “parking lot” of one of my favorite hometown spots – the Quakertown Farmer’s Market, of course. Still only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


The Qmart is actually a great place to dig for a little inspiration, for me.

The Qmart is actually a great place to dig for a little inspiration, for me.


Happy Springtime and Happy Easter, ladies and gents. I’ll be back in the Q over the weekend celebrating the birth of my favorite sister. Happy Almost-Birth, Jennyboo.

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