Girly parts.

4 thoughts on “Girly parts.”

  1. Admission: Girls is something I either fail to get, or something that possibly hits too close to home for me to enjoy.

    However, I fully support your ambition to couch-potato blog. It’s harder than it looks, considering I’ve effectively been doing the same since october and have yet to turn it into anything more than a place where I go “TV FEELS” and kind people pretend to care.

    Let us navigate these waters together!


    1. Cassie that’s the way I felt when I first started watching, but it’s kind of scarily spot-on at this point, while still being entertaining. And also, WHATEVER SELF-DEPRECATING GIRL, I look forward to your blogs after every AHS and Walking Dead.


    1. Thanks! Love you too, Corkaboo. 🙂 OH AND HEY – I’m sort of giving in to a membership at PPAC if you ever want to join me for exhibits and such.


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