Just in case you hadn’t picked up on it, the main goal of this blog is making up words like “insta-portance.” Did you know that if you use Instagram on your phone, you now have a profile online where all your instagrams live? Perfect. Now there is proof for the rest of the internet, who WEREN’T following my feed, that I take unimportant pictures almost daily.

Have you ever heard the philosophy that when you don’t know what to write about, write SOMETHING and eventually you will find something good? I don’t really subscribe to that, like at all. But just in case…


Doing: Reviewing Phlebotomy (this is a medical lab science) certification exam book proposals with instructors. Yes, the purpose of my job is quite dry, but I find the whole publishing industry fascinating. I think I would really like marketing, ebooks, and fiction. Or graphic novels. You know, basically nothing I’m doing right now. I do get to help out at a focus group at Thomas Jefferson University here in the city, however, showing physical therapy students a fabulously-functioning ebook F.A.D. is developing.

Reading: American Vampire, story by Scott Snyder and Stephen King. Having another graphic novel moment (Fables, you’re next!) and let’s face it, I will read or watch anything ever in the vampire genre for symbolism alone. There is a reason why the genre keeps getting reinvented, and Stephen King seems to have developed a fantastic iteration.

Watching: Gross, what am I not watching? On my mind more than most shows, however, are American Horror Story: Asylum and the newly-released fourth season of Misfits on Hulu. How is it that British TV can be so inconsistent, and produce a show with only ONE main character left from the original season, and have a season-long arc that barely scrapes four whole episodes, and still be so well done? If I was going to blog any show, it would be that one, because they handle character development in such an unemotional, callous way. They seriously DO NOT care if you find the characters even remotely likable, and it’s that very brutal humanism that makes them unforgettable.

Planning: To develop and scan some 35mm black and whites from an architectural salvage store. Prepare for some very pretty wreckage on the blog.

Lifestyle blog? Sure. Let’s go with that. The tags I included to describe this post are INSANE.

2 Responses to “Insta-portance.”
  1. Kay says:

    I love it! Your life is so glamorous, Miss Citylady 🙂


  2. fissionerror says:

    Ermahgerd I am so excited about my instagram profile.


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