Finding a niche.

So, here’s the deal.

Have you heard the term “lifestyle blog”?

It is a blog for people exactly like me – people who can start everything and finish nothing, who have passionate interests but very little attention span, people who want to make the world a more creative, beautiful place but can’t for the life of them decide how they want to do it. It was true in my college years (Hello, my major is Global Media/Photography/Journalism/Communications/Fashion Media/Visual Cultures/Print Communications/Visual Communications) and it is especially true now. I have this problem where I meet people or see things or do things that inspire me, I learn everything I can about them in a glut of research (it would be appropriate to call this an epileptic nerd spasm), I begin a project fueled by that inspiration that I have every intention of completing, and then in a week or a month or a nanosecond that fire I felt has petered out, or at least dulled into something that resembles glowing coals. I have trouble finishing the things I start. I have trouble deciding what I feel moved to persevere in.

Thus I land precariously on this term, “lifestyle blog.” This way I can try everything, and decide on nothing. I can pursue creativity in everyday life without having a clear idea of what medium I hope to pursue it in. Maybe I’ll post pictures of the crafty coasters my roommates and I have been making to resemble barnwood. Maybe I will post some scans of the 35mm black and whites I took at the architectural salvage store I explored over the weekend. Maybe I will simply nerd out for a minute about a comic book, or a television show, or an art lecture.

(I saw Mary Ellen Mark speak last night at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, and she is one of the most inspiring people I have ever been in the same room with. More on that in a minute.)

So, in summation, I think I’ll try a lifestyle blog. That’s what I’m feeling this week, anyway, but God knows I can’t just make a promise to myself that I intend to keep, so I’ll make a promise to you guys, too. (By you guys, I mean Olivia, Kaylena, and maybe Cassie who might read this. I have no aspiration toward further self-promotion.)

First topic of lifestylin’ bloggy situations: Mary. Ellen. Effing. Mark.

Seriously stunning, right? And listening to her speak about each photograph, how she could remember the story of everyone in every. single. picture. made me remember what makes photography so special in the first place – it is art borne out of experience. It’s not like painting or drawing, where even if you have a subject in front of you the creation of your art object comes directly from your mind and your hand. You have to experience your subject in order to shoot it – you have to be there, you have to interact. You have to perform a role – voyeur or confidante, friend or artist. Every great picture is the product of a great experience. Mary Ellen Mark has been everywhere and seen everything and met everyone, and the one thing she kept stating over and over again was this: if you love something enough, find a way to make work about it, no matter what. You can’t let getting paid for it or a lack of motivation or changing industries keep you from doing exactly what you love.

And DAMN IT was that woman cool.

So here it goes, kids. There is the first little portion of my current thought process that you’ve had the pleasure of being subjected to. The fun part of the lifestyle blog is that you have NO IDEA what’s coming next. I could post my own work. I could post an outfit I’m wearing. I could make a delicious meal and post that. I could watch The Vampire Diaries (obviously) and post about that.


END NOTE: Friends in the Philly area: tomorrow is Philly Photo Day! That means you have to a) take any picture of something in Philadelphia, with a phone or anything, b) submit it to PPAC’s website over the weekend, and c) be filled with all the most awesome feelings of awesomeness because they are printing and hanging EVERY PHOTO SUBMITTED in their gallery at 1400 North American Street in December. THERE IS NO REASON NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EVENT. SRSLY.

One Response to “Finding a niche.”
  1. Olivia says:

    I wholeheartedly support your lifestyle blogging. =)


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