So, as you may have noticed, photographs of my adventures with Mural Arts have dropped off. In case we aren’t very good friends (I kid, I kid) I’ll fill you in on the why: I’m now gainfully and happily employed as an Editorial Assistant (or Departmental Assistant … or Departmental Associate – I like the first one best) at F.A. Davis Company Publishers. They’re one of the leading publishers of medical textbooks, and I work in the Health Professions and Medicine department, meaning I support the acquisitions of book projects on medical assisting, physical therapy, athletic training, occupational therapy, massage, geriatrics, and plenty more.

You may be thinking that this seems like an odd choice for someone who publicly shares her love of art and design. To you I say nay sir, nay. 🙂 This is a huge move for me in exactly the right direction. This is my first CAREER job; as in, a job that could propel me into a career in something I love. (You know, the reason we all pretend we GO to college in the first place and not just for independence and adventure and study abroad on the cheap.) I have always been fascinated by publishing, and even better, have always dreamed about working in publication design. I’m finally in a good place to make professional connections and to establish who I am in the working world. This all seems to me like a very happy accident.

Not that I didn’t love the experiences I had interning as an event photographer, but the pressures of that kind of role were beginning to stress me out. Constantly driving somewhere new, taking direction from someone I barely knew each time, and struggling to take pictures on par with other photographers using cameras worth about two grand more than mine. The trials of a whiny, starving artist. (Ha!) Maybe now that I’m gainfully employed, I’ll be able to invest in my own super-fancy cam. (Though in true super-poor art student fashion, I will probably always love the light-leaked square photos my $20 Holga takes more.)

However, this is a good segway to my next point. Regular employment (with real weekends and lunch hours and half-day Fridays!) will allow me to take photographs that make me happy, rather than cater to someone else’s purpose. I can get back into film, I can develop my own prints again. I can take my time. I can experiment.

The picture above is one I took on a laid-back camera walk with my favorite Glenside-girl, Cassie. I plan on taking many more like this, for no other purpose than it makes me extremely happy.

So there you have it, an update on my life. As for this blog, we’ll just have to see what creative pursuits I’ll be inspired to share. That’s the beauty of a blog. It can be whatever the hell you want.

And right now, what I want is exactly what I’ve got.

One Response to “Transitions.”
  1. Kay says:

    Just thought I should let you know, I am so impressed with what you have accomplished! Way to be incredible 🙂 Oh, and we should have a bbq before summer’s over! What say you?!


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