Fly, little Eagle, fly.

Okay, here’s the thing.

Last week, I had the distinct pleasure to be part of the annual Eagles Paint Day event with Mural Arts, where they choose a school in the city and commission a mural for it, revamp the recess area, and host a big-ass party where the Eagles football team comes down to work on the mural with the school kids. They also had a team there building a playground for the kids. It was a big, exciting, exhausting, all-day event, and I had a lot of fun.

But, as usual, I struggle with taking pictures of the parts of the day that I find exciting (the mural, the kids) and the parts of the day that Mural Arts and the rest of the people around me would like recorded for posterity (Michael Vick). I know I’m letting my snooty-nerd-art-kid show here, but I seriously had to follow the throng of people just to figure out which guy was Michael Vick, and try not to role my eyes at the adults (that were supposed to be supporting and leading the children the event was designed for) who were instead lined up for a picture with him.

I understand the event was all about good press and celebrity (can you call them that?) facetime and yada yada yada, but the whole circus left me feeling a bit silly. I would have much rather followed Dave McShane, the mural artist, around all day and picked his brain, because the mural he designed to emcompass the ENTIRE outside of Comegys Elementary was whimsical and beautiful and colorful; in summation, everything I’ve started to love about public art. But I guess that is what makes this particular event so special for Mural Arts and for Philadelphia – you get to marry the two very different worlds of sports and art for the day and donate your service to make a Philadelphia school beautiful. (And, let’s face it, Philly schools could use all the help they can get lately.) So don’t misunderstand me, I was incredibly happy to be at this event, and here are some fabulous pictures to prove it!

Best part about the big Mural Arts events: they usually end with dancing! πŸ™‚

Up tonight if anyone’s interest: the A20 Art Ed exhibit at Love Park from 5-6:30pm! I’ll be there, stop by if you’d like to see some great artwork. Tata, art lovers and sports fans!

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