Maytime Madness

I’ve been going to some really excellent events for Mural Arts lately, among them the exhibition for one of The Roots’ project artists (Tatyana Fazlalizadeh) shown above. I’ve also had the privilege to attend a Painting a Healthy City Resource Fair on Front St. (which will be reprised tomorrow, hopefully with some more intersection-painting goodness) and an Arts and Criminal Justice Symposium at Temple University Center City for Restorative Justice Month. Now that April and Restorative Justice Month have passed, May will be mostly about gearing up for The Roots project and Wall Ball at the end of the month. On a personal note, May is also a super crazy month with birthdays and graduations and weddings galore. I’ll try to blog, but we all know I am in no way reliable. (Unless we’re talking in person – I always show up on time and respond to texts/email in a timely fashion, but a regular blogging schedule tends to allude me!) I tend to post exciting happening-right-now photos on Instagram, so you can follow me there @alisahath. Let’s be Instagram buddies. 🙂

And while I’m dwelling on it, I might just post some fabulous pictures from this past month’s events. You know, since I’m already here with my fingers on the keys and everything!


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