Struggle bus.

Guys, my mom is an adjunct professor at DeSales University and lately she’s been taking students on their first clinical rotations. (It’s really cool, but being someone who’s really comfortable behind a camera or behind a computer screen, the whole idea of taking care of people in a hospital with a lot of fluids oozing everywhere terrifies me.) Last semester, her students had a catchphrase when they were having hard days: “riding the struggle bus.” My mom thought it was hilarious and a note one of her students wrote her that includes those words is magnetized to our refridgerator.

So a few weeks back, aboard a trolley full of school children looking at murals in Northwest Philly, I was most certainly riding the struggle bus. Literally, even, if you can use buses and trolleys interchangably.

These things I know to be fact: 1. Most kids hate getting their picture taken, especially if they are middle school age. 2. Moving along on a cloudy day attempting to expose shots using a quickly-shifting mix of indoor light and weak outdoor light is, indeed, a struggle. The pictures turned out, EH, okay. I accomplished my directive, anyway, which was “taking pictures of the kids looking at the murals.” So in that respect, I AM A PRO. Still, I was so happy with the images from Under the Clothespin that these just make me want to work harder.

April is Restorative Justice Month at Mural Arts, and yours truly has the photo cred for the mailers, so we’ll see what this month has in store for me yet.

See? Way too excited.

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