Velvet ropes & terrible tropes.

"Under the Clothespin" mural dedication @ the Centre Square concourse.

Today was both pretty awesome and SUPER traumatic. I think this is my favorite picture, but I had to Picnik the stupid thing to get that dastardly blue line out that keeps showing up. SUPER unprofesh. But hey, I won’t tell if you won’t. (FYI, I think my camera is broken.) Also, to be clear, I didn’t even Instragram this puppy – this was taken on a real camera, and I REALLY had to putz with the contrast to get it to look the way I wanted it. I doubt Mural Arts will have use for something this artsy-fartsy, so I’m offering it up for fanfare here. MAYBE I’ll post some more later, since this dedication was rife with visual fabulousness. Okay, I’ve obviously been up for way to long. Forgive the random capitalizations, use of the pretend world “unprofesh,” and I promise never to label any of my work artsy-fartsy again. Cool? Cool.

P.S. How awesome is community art? The correct answer is THE MOST AWESOME. This piece by Emilie Ledieu and Miriam Singer is on the wall of the Centre Square concourse, directly “under the clothespin” sculpture (hence the title), right by City Hall, and now every pedestrian who wanders by can experience our whole city in gorgeous mosiac. But I digress.

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