Promises, promises.

Guys, one day I’m going to be REALLY good at updating regularly. At some point in my career, I will edit my photos and post good ones within two or three days of the event I attended, and not nearly two weeks later. One day I’m going to get paid to do all this, and do it promptly and happily. But right now I work an evil, crappy job that sucks away time for creative pursuits, but I’m still thankful for it because it provides funding for necessary things like train tickets, camera accessories, and a cell phone that doubles as a map of Northwest Philly.

This photo is from the Love Train event back in February. At first I was supercritical about the images from this event – it was definitely challenging to take photos of people indoors looking at artwork outdoors on a moving train. Just imagine the light changing continuously, so that the second you have the right exposure your light is GONE because a building got in the way or all the sudden you’re facing the sun and the mural you and a bunch of paying participants are trying to look at is in complete shadow. I didn’t want to get in the way of the people who DID pay to be there and see these fabulous pieces or art, but I was also trying to do my job the best I could. That being said, a few weeks later I’m looking at these photographs and enjoying them a lot more because the event was AWESOME and sometimes the best pictures are accidental. This is one of the things I love about art; the more you try to control what you create, the more the medium itself tends to confound you and become things you never could’ve expected.

So this is currently how I feel about this photo: It was a great idea, a frustrating light situation, and it’s an all right image. I like it enough to let you see it. I have PLENTY more material to share, eventually.

Expect to see in the near future: a giant paint-by-number from the Haitian Community Mural Paint Day at Mural Arts’ space in the Gallery, images from the trolley tour sponsored by the Porch Light Initiative for substance abuse recovery, and today’s haps – an art education class at the Asian Arts Initiative guest-taught by the artists doing The Roots mural!

That’s it for me for today. May the odds be ever in your favor! ;-]

2 Responses to “Promises, promises.”
  1. Kay says:

    It’s lovely. Thanks for sharing it 🙂


  2. corkaboo says:

    i love seeing you excited about what you’re doing. 😀 and i love that picture!


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