Secret outtakes.

PCAT students creating a sculptures with their bodies in space.

Hey, you guys like secrets? Its been killing me not to share any of the images I’ve taken since I began my internship with the Mural Arts Program, so I thought I’d sneak a few onto the blog. I’m not sure how usable these photos are for promotional material, but they are a great testament to all of the awesome programs around the city that Mural Arts is a part of. I’m sure sharing the good vibes these experiences give me with the, oh, five people who will read this won’t do much harm. These photos are from an afternoon class I sat in on at the Philadelphia Center for Art and Technology (PCAT) with a bunch of really awesome high school students. It was easy to feel how happy everyone was to be there, just hanging out and learning about focus, awareness, and breathing techniques and getting to play some games. The next few photos I feel are unusable thanks to whatever laser light show was going on in my camera lens (if you can spot the blue line, you feel my pain; if you can’t, I love you) but that just means I get to share these special moments with you ladies and gents.

That guy frowned at me every time I pointed my camera his way. Caught you having fun, yo!

The girl on the right is in love with Asian men and wants to go to Arcadia for International Studies; I loved getting to hear little pieces of their stories.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them (laser-light-show issues excluded). I promise to blog more, since I’ve been amassing images that benefit an organization I’m really excited about. Did you know that there’s no other program like Mural Arts anywhere else in the world? That makes little old Philadelphia pretty special, don’t you think? This experience is definitely teaching me things, and maybe I can pass some of that passion and new information on to you all, my nearest and dearest friends. Sound good? Good.

Happy friday, friends!


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