Wet and warm.

So today was all of these things: unseasonably warm, wet and dreary, a day for soup, and a day for no shoes. My babygirl Jbooty is more than excited to be taking pictures of me everyday, to prove I’m living up to my own expectations. Really, she signed up for this when she decided to be born my sister. Anyway, all these varying factors that made up today called for a weird skirt I bought at the thrift store: it’s a little bit bohemian, a little bit 4th grade teacher, and all the bits perfect when you’re feeling too free-spirited to wear pants.

Bonus for Jen, she gets the benefits of my quasi-professional photography tutoring. “Turn the thing to focus the camera.” “Listen, I only want the length of my body in the shot, from top of the head to feet.” “Push the big button halfway down first to focus. Not really push, but like nudge?” “Just take one more. No, I actually mean one more this time.” If only I could learn to put the camera on Auto rather than line everything up and set the exposure myself before I let her have it. Hello, oldest child control freak.

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