Challenge accepted.

Okay, so I sometimes have commitment issues. My one-a-day photo challenge, for instance. I still thoroughly believe challenging myself to post one photograph a day is a good move, life-wise. But considering my Instagram addiction and my pathological need to post good photographs are currently at odds with each other, I needed to redirect that energy a little bit. I currently find myself poised to begin an incredibly important internship, like the kind of experience that could be the beginning of an arty photo-phabulous career (she hopes). The thought of making real work is both exciting and nerve-wracking, but for right now it is simply a guarantee that me and my camera will be out and about together on the regular. Let’s put it this way: I’m saving myself for about a month from now, when I plan to set the bar quite a bit higher.

In the meantime, I plan to model myself after my idol, Mr. Barney Stinson. (Just kidding. Sort of.) Because I think we could all benefit from a little self-motivation, even for the smallest, simplest, or most communicable of challenges. This week, I decided I’m tired of jeans.

This time, I’m not kidding. I wear jeans every single day. Some weeks, I wear the same pair of jeans every single day because I’m too lazy to wash them and they fit better that way. (Whatever, I’m aware that’s gross.) So rather than bust out some overalls, I’m challenging myself not to wear jeans, for at least the next week, but we’ll see how it goes. I do own a ridiculous number of skirts, dresses, dress pants, and the like, that all deserve a little wear while its not frigidly cold outside.

I know this seems like a silly, needless challenge, and in many ways it definitely is. However, I am a firm believer in the transformative power of clothing, and I have no desire to go through my entire life casually. I never wore sweatpants to college classes, nor do I intend to spend my whole adult life dressed down like I’m still in high school. So, my friends, you have no idea how hard I’m smiling as I wrap up this post with two powerful little words.

Suit up.


P.S. How pumped am I that we’re finally seeing trailers for the fabled Cabin in the Woods movie? It comes out April 13th, happy birthday to me!

One Response to “Challenge accepted.”
  1. Rose says:

    Haha I remember when you scolded me for wearing sweatpants to class once 🙂 I love the challenge!! Let’s see how long it goes- you can do it Alisa!! 🙂


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