Hey, thanks.

I think my Instagram obsession may involve the square images and vignetting; it reminds me of working with medium-format film. If I had a darkroom available, I’d ditch the iPhone for a Mamiya or even a Seagull in a hot second. Word?

Thanksgiving yesterday was fabulous, causing me to be a bad little blogger. But here I am, crawling back again. I’m thankful for all the beautiful, positive things in my life – my wonderful family, my lovely boyfriend who lets me fall asleep in his lap for hours while he plays Skyrim, my terrific friends both near and far who – though I may not get to see them often – are always in my thoughts, the ability to search for my niche these days rather than work somewhere I hate, the capability and motivation to make beautiful things, and the hopes and plans and dreams and enthusiasm I have for all the events to come. That was awfully ramble-y, grammatically bankrupt, but no less sincere. Hope you’re all having a happy holiday weekend, too. =]


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