Seriously, loves me.

An update! My Christmas shopping is basically done. Black Friday, I beat you. And for a girl without a regular income, I kinda kicked ass. I should really think about being a professional shopper. I also applied for yet ANOTHER job today that might quiet my new favorite obsession – thrifting and recyclable shopping. So perhaps I’ll hear back from one of the MANY applications I’ve sent out in the coming weeks.

Things I’m looking forward RIGHT NOW:

  • Thanksgiving! I don’t know why no one else seems psyched, but man I can’t wait to eat. =]
  • Going to see Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat for the first time at DeSales early December. I’ve been missing live musicals.
  • My crazy-faced father is having a 50th birthday party on the 10th. It may involve some painful family reunions, but I love any excuse to dress cute.
  • Getting a huge chunk of my freelance project DONE before Christmas. I’m 5 chapters into a 37-chapter text. Think good thoughts for me.
  • And, of course, CHRISTMAS, for all sorts of reasons. Pretty lights, decorating, excess family time, my currently lack of terrible retail job, Olivia’s triumphant return to Eastern Pennsylvania, seriously cute photo ops, and I can’t WAIT to give my favorite people the fabulous swag I scored for them.

Anyway, Happy Monday, bloggerds. ‘Tis the season!

One Response to “Seriously, loves me.”
  1. Kay says:

    Yeaaaah girl, get that shopping done! I totally did the same thing… thought about going out like a crazy person, and then I remembered I could just buy everything I wanted from my living room. Oh, the glorious wonders of the world wide web! Can’t wait to have an amazing Christmas season with you and all the ladies of the q 🙂


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