In reality, that wall is pink.

The minute I took this picture I fell in love with it, not just because my family keeps bizarre crap around the house (like cacti and hanging wax ornaments and honestly, I’m not sure what’s in that picture frame but it might be my parents’ wedding invitation) but because once I Instagram-filtered it and the wall turned purple, it jumped out amongst the other One-A-Day shots I’ve taken this week and warmed my heart with its fabulous purplosity. I have a purple problem. Seriously, it’s like a sickness. Once I snapped this photo with my purple phone, I ran up to my purple-walled room and put on a purple shirt and threw said purple phone in my purse with my purple wallet.

My name is Alisa Hathaway, and I have purple disease.

One Response to “In reality, that wall is pink.”
  1. Kay says:

    Purple is obviously the best color. Ever.


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