Freak flag.

As you can see, it’s a bit dreary in Qville today. At first I was apprehensive about taking pictures when the light is zilch, because the shrieking photo diva inside wouldn’t let myself post a fourth crappy shot in a row, but I’m pretty pleased with how this one looks when its all blown up. So if you’re looking at it in miniature, CLICK on the damn thing and look at it until your eyes go wonky. It’s the water streaks that are in focus that made me like this one. Anyway, no I do not have a flag obsession, and no, I’m not currently chugging a brewsky and watching football and crooning, “AmURHica!” for all to hear; its not about the object so much as the setting. The tone, if you will. But I digress, the point I was getting to at the beginning of this paragraph is that I’m tweaking my One A Day Challenge to give myself the weekends off. You know, to shoot and be inspired and apply Instagram filters to all the pretty stuff. =]

So, question. Is it irresponsible or underachieving, somehow, to apply for internships over paying jobs because the paying jobs available seem so uninspiring? Is that me being a bad grown-up? Feel free to weigh in, because I’d love to know what someone who’s NOT me thinks. Its not as if I’m hunting down the dream position and offering up my free labor without some kind of income – in fact, I’m currently a professional freelancer, which makes me feel more than a lil’ bit douchey. So if all I can get people to pay me for are sales positions and making up test questions, is it wrong to attempt to prove I can make beautiful pictures and market my ass off for free? Let’s see.

Happy Tuesday, bloggerds.

One Response to “Freak flag.”
  1. Kay says:

    I think you’re in the best spot right now to look for internships as opposed to lame jobs. Before you absolutely have to support yourself (or anyone else for that matter), you have the freedom to go out and do awesome things. It may not pay, but it’s gonna make for one kick butt resume that will help you land a great opportunity later, no?


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