The neighborhood is bleeding.

I’M TAKING MY BOY TO SEE MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA TONIGHT AT THE ELECTRIC FACTORY. Thus, I win. Not much else to say, it’s a fabulous and windy fall Friday and these leaves are perfect.

The past few days I’ve been obsessed with reading fashion and thrifting blogs for a little closet inspiration, and here are a few fab ones I’ve come across.

What I Wore – I love that her “Daily Outfits” are organized by color palette.

My Edit – This girl is a thrift master and her thrifting tips section was pretty fantastic.

Kendi Everyday – She gets my vote for most wearable outfits and frank writing style.

Kristine. Or Polly. – Not only am I jealous of this girl’s style, I’m SUPER jealous she gets to take in Japan street style. Sign me up.

Kitsune-kun – This blogger totally wins for best photos; the posts look downright editorial.

Here endeth my foray into the wide world of fashion blogs. Perhaps one day I’ll love my wardrobe enough to let someone take pictures of my outfit every day, but until I get over my photographic superiority complex and fashion inferiority complex, I’ll just check back on these ladies’ bad ass blogs for inspiration. Thanks, bloggers!

Day 4 of my One A Day challenge and its still giving me that warm glow of tiny, self-fullfilling accomplishment. Not for any reason other than I think it’s fun.

‘Till tomorrow, friends.

One Response to “The neighborhood is bleeding.”
  1. kitsune-kun says:

    Hey, thank you so much! That really really means a lot to me! ( I don’t always feel like I’m being as successful as I’d like, you know?) anyways, I really appreciate the mention! have a lovely weekend!


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