This is the mid-November leftovers of my dad’s vegetable garden. Today has been an excellent day, for several reasons. I visited where I had been, and saw it laying in chaos since I left. (This made me feel sort of good.) And now suddently there’s a looming possibility of somewhere I could go, and that possibility is downright delicious.

In much less cryptic news, I am smack in the middle of a spectacular season of Christmas shopping and crafting. I love shopping for gifts – this may just be because I love shopping, but allow me my enjoyment. I’m also making things, and that is an entirely different kind of therapeutic joy. I realize I’m ahead of the curve, but believe you me, I’ve needed something to keep myself busy that isn’t filling out endless job applications and discussing patho-physiology (there’s a reason I went to school for art and not medicine.)

To top off a perfectly top-tier kind of day, I get to go to trivia night in a few hours with my boyfriend and my best friends. Seriously kids, forget those days that make you feel small, because sometimes the day will leave a little gift on your doorstep.

Gute Nacht!

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