Sky blue sky.

You know how once someone important dies, everyone goes on and on in public forum about how inspiring they were and how much the world will miss them? (As in Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse, Heavy D?) Well I think it’s far more important to appreciate those who inspire us who are still living. So Jeff Tweedy and Florence Welch, you are the soundtrack to my fall days. Bob Dylan, I’m glad you haven’t kicked it yet. Ryan Murphy, you make me smile on Tuesday nights and scare the bejeezus out of me Wednesdays. Annie Leibovitz, I’m conducting a study on how to be you and I haven’t quite perfected the formula yet. Jenifer Hathaway, I’m constantly jealous that you’re so much younger and yet so much smarter than I am.

Happy Wednesday, bloggymcreaderfriends. 🙂

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