Flagging nationalism.

So you’ve pretty much sold your soul as a photographer when you’re posting iPhone pictures as a snapshot of your recent brilliance, right? Right. Except that playing with my phone camera made me pick up my real-kid camera for an hour or so today, and it was like taking a breath I’ve been holding for …. seven months? Art and inspiration really can come from anywhere, and though it pains me to say it I owe as much to the faceless Webhounds I follow on Tumblr as I do to great inspiring minds like Susan Sontag, who’s preachy On Photography I’m muddling through, yet again. I swear I’ve read this book at least six times already, and I’ve never actually finished it. There’s plenty of things I feel like I’m failing at lately, but I’m in the process of coaching myself that just because I’m still searching for that thing (you know that thing) and I haven’t found it yet doesn’t mean I’m failing at it. Maybe I’m succeeding a little bit at it every day. And maybe that’s what I need to do – challenge myself just a smidge every day. So while this is not a revolutionary concept, in fact I think I’m stealing it from my previous teacher/mentor/friend Allen Powell or my previous English major roommates that pounded out 2,000 words a day, I think I might challenge myself to post one photograph a day. After all, pictures are rumored to be worth a thousand words, right? So I’m accomplishing about half of what my good friend Peter Medeiros accomplishes in a day, and if I’m half as good as Peter at absolutely anything I’ll consider myself on the way to success.

So there’s my promise to you, friends and readers and WordPressers alike. One a day.

See you tomorrow.

One Response to “Flagging nationalism.”
  1. Kay says:

    Maybe I’ll hold you accountable- I’ve got that novel to write yet 🙂


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