Dear WordPress, I’m cheating on you with Tumblr. ( http://philemaphobe.tumblr.com )

This drawing is based on a much more beautiful work I ran across online. They used watercolor, I used water-based brush markers. I claim nothing past being inspired by the lovely painting they shared on the interwebs. Also, my disclaimer is in the title (I really DON’T draw, I managed a B+ in drawing fundamentals in college) but I was pleased with the outcome of this, despite its simplicity. Anyway, I obviously have the day off from work, thus the drawing and blogging.

Okay, so the reason for Tumblr: While WordPress is obviously focused on words and is a fabulous outlet for academic thought and observation, Tumblr expects nothing more than a photo and maybe a caption as a daily post. Quotes are encouraged, and the posts are singular and simplistic. Both sites make it supereasy to share photos and video, but Tumblr is proving pretty valuable for momentary inspiration. It’s like an arty digital picture book. Anyway. I have a blogging problem. And I felt my silly marker drawing wasn’t arty ENOUGH for a Tumblr homepage collage. :]

In other news, Anderson Cooper went spray-tanning with Snooki. Lost all respect? Maybe.

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