And there is comfort in the sound.

Death Cab for Cutie at the Mann Center, Philadelphia. August 5th, 2011.

I woke up to pouring rain and thunder, which was indeed comforting in an artsy maudlin way. I was hoping to find a focus today – whether to update the ol’ blog with a Top 5 Summer Movies, a rainy day playlist, a cutting review of the Irish crime novel In The Woods by Tana French that I just finished around 2 a.m. (it was suspenseful but ultimately unsatisfying; one would think that the point of a murder mystery would be to SOLVE the damn mystery and Miss French earns no existentialism points with me by wrapping up a 500-pager with “Oh well, some things aren’t meant to be remembered”) but I’m honestly not even in the mood. Then why the update? Tana French might point out that simply the effort spent at the attempt is worth the time. (I swear, I’m not hating on this author – I might even attempt to read the following book, The Likeness.) Mostly I think I want to get the habit of blogging back into my typing fingers by repetition. Day off, time to post. Read something fantastic, post. See a great movie, post. (I finally saw Crazy Stupid Love last night – both cute and original. Though I think Marisa Tomei and Emma Stone totally upstaged the main characters.) Perhaps this is just practice for the Entertainment review column I know I was born to write. Ha. I leave you with not one but two either-ors.

Next book to consume: On Photography by the controversial Susan Sontag? I’ve referenced it often but never read the thing cover to cover. Or another dive back into fiction with Neil Geiman’s Neverwhere? Really, let’s hear some endorsements for either one.

Also, as it is technically part of my job, I want to get a bit craftsy. I can either attempt to knit (gearing up for winter, obviously) with a crack at the Knifty Knitter (it’s round and is essentially a device that teaches hat-making to idiots like me) or get into some handmade cards (which I actually really enjoy – the last couple of years I’ve done Valentines from scratch and it’s like scrapbooking for people with no patience for an entire album) or bust out the fancy brush markers I HAD to have that I have since used once. Give me your thoughts.

Well this turned out quite a bit longer than I anticipated. I’m never using parentheses again. Happy rainy Thursday, kids.


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