Fruit baby.

I’m working on the official proposal for this project as my thesis whilst patiently awaiting the delivery of the book. It’s not supposed to ship until Friday, which has me more than a bit nervous. A friend told me they wanted to see more people in the work, so I chose this one to share for today. I’ve been referring to it as “Fruit baby.” The whole time I shot people in the Qmart, I kept noticing that adults would shoot me dirty or suspicious looks when I took their picture, while kids didn’t seem to give a damn. Not that I want to start shooting kids all the time … then I’d have to interact with them. Anyway, I offer up another image for your critical eye to evaluate.

In other news, this is my last week working for Lost Gold Records, so I’d be pleased if you perused my latest blog post on the death of the late, great Leslie Nielsen. (There’s also some short, uncomplicated pieces on the Beatles iTunes releases, Dolly Parton’s new album & tour, and various other entertainment news tidbits. I try to keep it simple over there and more often than not just link to places where you can find REAL news.)

I also spent some time Photoshopping oldern’dirt pictures of some of the artists Lost Gold offers, and even posted a few on Twitpic. (You can check out some of the images of Django Reinhardt, the champion on European gypsy jazz, if you click the link in the tweets section.) They make me miss working in film – just a little bit.

That’s all for now. Good luck with finals, holiday shopping, or whatever your current challenge may be.



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