The beaten path.

So I ordered the book – the first version I’m willing to show people, to  bring this semester to a close, anyway. I also changed the name of the series because my professor thought it didn’t fit the content. And so here’s another image from the newly titled The Beaten Path. If you’d like to weigh in on the debatable titles, leave a comment on this post.

I’m also trying to focus on some interiors. The only ones I felt were worthy of inclusion in the book were Sines and the Qmart. If you have any other interesting Quakertown interiors, point me in the right direction.

Lastly, I’m printing out three larger prints to show on final critique night, December 9th. Other than the image I’ve chosen as my icon, the trialer in the woods, I need some opinions on the other two images to use as, essentially, larger-scale advertisements for the book.

Looks like if you’ve got some criticisms for me, you should be gettin’ busy down in that comment box. I’m going to finish watching Serenity.


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