From debris.

Let’s get this figurative ball rolling. Here are a few things I’ve love for you to notice about the site. First you can look at some of my previous blogs in the page titled Blog Vomit. If you’d like to read some things about me that you already know, read The Photographer. You can read some of my blog updates for Lost Gold Records in the Blogroll. You can enjoy my friend Peter Medeiros and his short stories in a website I designed to hone my skills in Dreamweaver. And until I can work out embedding Soundcloud on WordPress, take a look at the Lost Gold music I uploaded to their network. In case you were wondering, I hear gypsy jazz in my head when I’m shooting in Quakertown. 

Once some legitimate content gets up on here, you can navigate through the Archive on the right or through Categories towards the bottom right.

The featured photo on the homepage will always be, at least for the next few months, from the 300 Year Reign series on Quakertown. Anyone with knowledge of bookbinding or a service that will bind pages I’ve already printed should drop me a comment under this post. The photos are shot with an Olympus E500 DSLR and printed on 11×17 Brilliant luster paper. (Purchased via Calumet.) I’m hoping the finished book will include between 40-50 images and perhaps three or four pages of text. For thesis presentations in April, I plan on making a documentary about the series and how I shot it. So expect a few video clips as well.

Enough shameless self-promotion. Have a productive weekend!


One Response to “From debris.”
  1. Kay says:

    It looks like things for your thesis are already shaping up. I can’t wait to see the finished product!


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