Welcome to a bad idea.

Maybe not a bad idea, but an ambitious one. Using some newfound skills in online marketing, I’m going to keep track of my progress on my thesis work and share it with you via this blog. I’m working on a photography series depicting my hometown – Quakertown, PA. The series is called 300 Year Reign, based on the idea that the Quakers have been in this area for 300 years as of 2010. I’m hoping to show both the beautiful and the tacky, the best and worst of the town I know best. The trailer pictured above is right off the entrance to 309 from Sellersville, and I see it almost every day. It’s not significant, but every time I see it I’m struck by how UN-picturesque it is.

So here’s my proposal: One photo per post. Some thoughts or some progress to share. Maybe a post or two a week. Mostly, it’s for me, because I thrive off the criticism of those smarter than me and I want to know what the interweb thinks of what I see.

Notice those Share buttons under this post, for Facebook and Twitter and the like? Use ’em if you like what you see. That’s all!

Until next time,

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